Supply List

Distance Learning! 

Student Supplies to purchase for home

  • 1-2 inch 3 ring binder OR a accordian style folder. 
  • 1 package of 8 dividers-labeled: Math, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, and Other
  • scissors- small pair
  • masking tape 
  • white board EXPO markers (to have extra)
  • Oil Pastels (optional)

School Supplies to be picked up at Elliott Ranch - Aug 5

  • Bankers Box- all school items should be stored in this box until we return to school. 
  • Text books- Math Books (2), Wonders books (3), Social Studies books (2), Science Book (1), Novel: SOTB
  • white board
  • 3 spiral notebooks
  • pencil pouch: pencils, pencil sharpener, eraser, red pen, highlighter, white board EXPO marker, glue, Post it notes
  • copied materials for all subject areas- these items will be hole punched and we will put them binders together in the first days of school (on Zoom)
  • extra supplies for specific activities (spaghetti, marshmallow, skittles, brad...)
  • *** if/when we return to school, all items should return to school


  • Join the Elliott Ranch PTO! Minimum donation of $10 per family! Meeting attendance is not mandatory! 

This year will be unlike any that we have had! You may consider purchasing a Chrome Book for your child, as this seems to be the greatest tool for learning right now! Here is a link for a good chrome book. It can be found at Walmart for well under $300. 

The Lenovo C340 has been getting lots of attention and is a good value.

Walmart has a pretty good price on the Lenovo C340: