New Letter

Here's a new page, just for you! laugh


Dear Fabulous Fifth Grade Families, 

I hope this note finds you well rested! Here’s what we have going on this week! Although we have all not met in person (yet), I am really enjoying getting to know the kids. Their personalities SHINE on, even through ZOOM! 


It was so fun to see some of you LIVE and in your CAR at the Ice Cream Social this past Friday! 


We will be taking the math test for Chapter 1 - Place Value, Multiplication and Expressions on Wednesday. It seems so long ago that we started this chapter. Please remind your student to be up to date on assignments and that studying is going to be important. The format of this test is on Think Central, we have done a lot of practice with this. 


ELA: We will continue working on the DLR Week #2. We will also be working in Wonders U1 W3. We will read some interesting stories about experiences in nature. As we read we will learn about Cause and Effect as well as homographs and vocabulary. 


Social Studies: We will be moving on to 40 states this week. Students will need to practice to know the location of 40 states this Friday. Below is a link to some printable maps.


Science: This week we will be studying the different constellations and how stars can help tell the seasons. This is one of my favorite lessons. 


If you would like to order a 5th grade T-shirt, here is the link!


A reminder about grades and assignments. Grades that appear in Google Classroom are not always accurate. Google Classroom does not account for weighting of grades or number of questions. Please refer to StudentVue/ParentVue to see grades and assignments. 


I went over with the class today, the importance of turning in quality work. This is fifth grade distance learning. We are not in the same CRISIS learning situation as last spring. Students are expected to turn work in on time. The work should be edited for correct grammar and punctuation. Grades will reflect the quality of work that is turned in. Full credit will not be given to late work.  Homework assignments are written down by your child each day in their agenda. I also type the homework assignments into the STREAM of the Google Classroom as well as post the assignments on my web page.