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Chapter 9 Patterns and Graphing

9.1 Line Plots

9.2 Ordered Pairs

9.2 Challenge Lesson Ordered Pairs

This is a fabulous lesson Resource. Students can go to the lesson that is being taught each day for some instruction.

Chapter 7 Multiply Fractions

7.2 Multiply Fractions and Whole Numbers using models

7.4 Multiply Fractions using an area model

7.5 Compare Fractions Factors and Products

7.7 Area and Mixed Numbers

7.9 Multiply Mixed Numbers

Chapter 6 Fractions - Addition and Subtraction

6.1 and 6.2: Adding/Subtracting fractions with unlike denominators

6.3: Estimating Fraction Sums and Differences

6.6 Adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators

6.7 Adding and Subtracting Mixed Numbers

     Note:  During the first problem, you must find "equivalent fractions", not reduce
​                    them.  :)

6.7 Adding and Subtracting Mixed Numbers

6.9 Patterns with Fractions

6.10 Problem Solving with Fractions

Chapter 5 Dividing Decimals

5.1 Patterns for Dividing Decimals

5.2 Division with Decimals and Whole Numbers

5.3 Estimate Quotients with Decimals

5.4 Division of Decimals by Whole Numbers

5.6 Divide Decimals

Here are some more Show Me lessons for chapter 4 Multiplying Decimals

4.1 Multiplication Patterns with Decimals

4.2 Multiply Decimals and whole numbers

Multiply Decimals with whole numbers using a 100's grid

4.3 / 4.4 Algorithm and area model Multiply decimals

Chapter 3 Show ME! 


Here are a few Show Me lessons for Chapter 2 Division

Lesson 2.1 Place the first digit

Lesson 2.3 base ten models

Lesson 2.4 Division with Partial Quotients

Lesson 2.5 Estimate with 2 Digit Divisors

Lesson 2.9 Problem Solving Bar Model


Here are the Show Me lessons for chapter 1 Place Value

1.1 Place value and Patterns

1.3 Commutative Property

1.3 Distributive Property

1.3 Distributive Property part 2

1.3 Associative Property

1.4 Powers of Ten Exponents

1.5 Basic facts and multiplication patterns

1.6 Multiply by 1- digit numbers

1.7 Area Model of Multiplication

1.8 Relate Multiplication to Division

1.9 Problem Solving

1.10 Numerical Expressions

1.11 Order of Operations

1.12 Grouping Symbols

Chapter 2