5th grade California Go Math

In the first trimester we plan to cover chapters 1-4 using CA Go Math

Students will take notes daily in the spiral note provided by me. During math students will use a white board to practice skills as well as the two math books . Students will have access to assignments on the Think Central app on the portal. 


There will be daily math homework. Most nights students will complete a page in the practice book connected to the lesson taught in class. Students will also go onto Think Central and complete a few problems online connected to the daily lesson. Each day students will go onto MobyMax (in the portal) and practice multiplication and division 0-12 fluency facts. 

Extra Practice

Students can join my Prodigy class for extra practice and fun math games

Students can also further their math skills using Khan Academy

This is a fabulous lesson Resource. Students can go to the lesson that is being taught each day for some instruction.

Show Me

These are different tutorials from our very own Mr. Ryan and Mr. Austin to help with math! 

Chapter 4 Multiplying Decimals

4.1 Multiplication Patterns with Decimals

4.2 Multiply Decimals and whole numbers

Multiply Decimals with whole numbers using a 100's grid

4.3 / 4.4 Algorithm and area model Multiply decimals

Chapter 3 Decimals

3.3 Compare and Order Decimals

3.4 Round Decimals

3.7 Estimate Decimal Sums and Differences

3.8 Add Decimals

3.9 Subtract Decimals

3.10 Patterns with Decimals

Chapter 2 Division

Lesson 2.1 Place the first digit

Lesson 2.3 base ten models

Lesson 2.4 Division with Partial Quotients

Lesson 2.5 Estimate with 2 Digit Divisors

Lesson 2.9 Problem Solving Bar Model


 Chapter 1 Place Value

1.1 Place value and Patterns

1.3 Commutative Property

1.3 Distributive Property

1.3 Distributive Property part 2

1.3 Associative Property

1.4 Powers of Ten Exponents

1.5 Basic facts and multiplication patterns

1.6 Multiply by 1- digit numbers

1.7 Area Model of Multiplication

1.8 Relate Multiplication to Division

1.9 Problem Solving

1.10 Numerical Expressions

1.11 Order of Operations

1.12 Grouping Symbols