There will be daily homework (including Friday)

I will post the homework daily in the stream of the Google Classroom. Google Classroom assignments are color coded by day and listed under the topic of Week # and Date

🔴 Monday-  September 14: Homework
Math: 1.12 practice book pg. 25 front side
*optional 1.12 Think Central HW
Read- 20 minutes : record in agenda
PE 30 minutes
ELA: Vocabulary slides 2, Google Classroom

Practice 40 States

 🟡 Tuesday- Practice 40 States

 Math: Think Central Pretest chapter 1. 
Big Book Chapter 1 test/review page 58-60
Moby Max 10 minutes
**** optional Think Central extra pretest
Remember you can go to my web page to see Show Mes and Mr. Math Blog
ELA: DLR #2 Tuesday
Read "A Walk with Teddy" Wonders Big Book page 64 and complete the slide in the Google Classroom
Read for 20 minutes record in agenda
PE 30 minutes

🟢 Wednesday, Sept. 16 homework
Read 20 minutes
PE 30 minutes
40 states
Math: Moby Max 10 minutes
Study for the math test on Chapter 1
Use notebook and books as well as Mr. Austin's Show Me and Mr. Math Blog
There is an optional test on Think Central
ELA: DLR Wednesday should be done, Vocabulary slide from Google Classroom

🔵 Thursday, Sept. 17 Homework
Read 20 min- record in agenda
PE 10 GC Log
40 States! 
Friday is the last day to order a T-shirt $15- Mrs. Godt
Friday, Sept. 18 is bring your Teddy Bear to Class Day! 

🟣  Friday, Sept. 18 Homework
Read 20 min. Fill out Weekly Reading Log (GC)
PE 30 minutes due today to Mrs. Breton
Science: Flip Grid assignment will appear in Google Classroom under Classwork/Friday
50 States practice
Teddy Bear Padlet, if you want to start your story you can. We will work on it next week in class. 
****optional ART HUB - Teddy Bear posted under Friday*******

Math HW

Each night students will complete a practice book page, Think Central lesson in the Portal, and 10 minutes of MobyMax fact Fluency on the Portal. Most homework will be graded for completness. We will go over difficult problems the next day in math. If your child needs math help, try watching Mr. Austin's Show Me or Mr. Math Blog, both are attached to the GC assignment and also on the Math section of this webpage. 


Reading 20 minutes nightly. Students will record daily reading in their agenda. Each week there will be a GC assignment to document weekly reading. 

Some days there will be practice in Your Turn book, Online activities on GC /McGraw Hill, or rereading of stories. 

Writing assignments will arise as we work through the trimester. 

Science/Social Studies

Depending on what we are able to finish in class, students may have science or social studies assignments. At times students will need to study for tests/quizes. 

Unfinished Classwork

Students will be expected to finish unfinished classwork from the day during WIN time or for Homework (independent Practice)